Penny's Faith
Penny’s Faith
General Information
Title Penny’s Faith
Author Jayie the Hufflepuff
Date Published November 11th, 2017
Date Completed December 15th, 2017
Cover Artist Jayie the Hufflepuff
Preceded By Scorch's Ambition
Succeeded By Shrewfoot's Spite
Penny's Faith is the third novella in the Echoes of the War arc. Penny is the cat depicted in the center of the cover.

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The murderous Scorch has not been seen in Twolegplace since her exile, but the consequences of her treachery are still felt. With hostilities rising, Penny finds herself increasingly suspicious of the cats she had once trusted. When the cat she loves most pushes her away, Penny must ask – has Scorch’s betrayal shattered her faith in her Society?

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