Personal Information
Affiliations ThunderClan[3], StarClan
Gender Female[4]
Rank StarClan Resident[5]
Age 3 moons
Status Deceased (died falling from a cliff)[6]
Foxcloud[10], Russetbird[11]
Other Information
Appearances Faded Boundaries
Petalkit is a fluffy, sleek[12] pale gray she-cat with blue eyes[13].

History Edit

Faded Boundaries Edit

Petalkit is first seen asleep besides her mother Hazeltail.

Silentkit hears the sound of a mewling kit, and realizes that Petalkit and her brother Finchkit must have woke up. Petalkit and Finchkit are the youngest kits in the nursery, at only one moon old.

Two moons later, Petalkit, accompanied by Finchkit, asks Silentpaw if it's true that the tree-bridge is gone and if Silentpaw saw the other Clans. Silentpaw starts to answer, but the sounds of the nursery make her pause and she signals for Petalkit and Finchkit to be quiet. The kits don't hear the conversation. Silentpaw tells Petalkit and Finchkit to tell Dewpaw that Silentpaw will get that second load in a minute. Petalkit and Finchkit obey, scampering off to find Dewpaw.

When Blazepaw goes to the nursery to fetch Snowpaw, Petalkit asks Blazepaw if he brought any prey and if he can tell her a story. Blazepaw smiles warmly and tells her that not now.

When Silentpaw to the nursery to ask Dovewing about RiverClan, Petalkit and Finchkit squeak in surprise as water droplets fall on them. Petalkit later asks if they're going to fight RiverClan, and Finchkit cuffs her ear and calls her a mouse-brain.

When ThunderClan's camp is flooding, Dewpaw carries Petalkit. She doesn't seem to realize the danger she's in, and she asks why the ground is all wet and why everyone is running around.

When the cats climb up the rocky slope to get out of the camp, Petalkit complains that she's all wet and asks if she can go back to the den. When Dewpaw falls off the rocks to his death, Petalkit screams in terror as she is crushed to death by Dewpaw's body.

When Blazepaw sits vigil for Dewpaw and Petalkit, he notices that Petalkit looks eerily small, more like a scrap of fur than a cat.

Petalkit's parents, Hazeltail and Foxleap, bury Petalkit.

Jayfeather tells Silentpaw in a dream that Dewpaw and Petalkit are dead, much to Silentpaw's surprise.

Trivia Edit

  • Petalkit was led to StarClan by Icecloud.[14]
    • Icecloud is acting as her mother in StarClan.[15]

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