Sasha's Calling
Sasha's Calling
General Information
Title Sasha's Calling
Author Jayie the Hufflepuff
Date Published May 25th, 2018
Date Completed June 19th, 2018
Cover Artist Jayie the Hufflepuff
Preceded By Shrewfoot's Spite
Succeeded By TBA
Sasha's Calling is the fifth novella in the Echoes of the War arc. Sasha is the cat depicted in the center of the cover.

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The loner Sasha has walked many paths, and now she is alone with no family and no purpose. But there is a calling that she has been ignoring for seasons. Now, it is time for her to face it. When her path unexpectedly crosses with warriors yet again, she must decide who she wants to be – and whether she can finally let go of her pain.

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