Scorch's Ambition
Scorch's Ambition
General Information
Title Scorch's Ambition
Author Jayie the Hufflepuff
Date Published September 20th, 2016
Date Completed October 25th, 2016
Cover Artist Jayie the Hufflepuff
Preceded By Sushi's Society
Succeeded By Penny’s Faith

Scorch's Ambition is the second novella in the Echoes of the War arc. Scorch is the cat depicted in the center of the cover.

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Over the seasons, the vicious cats of BloodClan have become the peaceful Society of the Street. But one young granddaughter of Scourge in the Society feels the stirrings of ambition in her heart. When her path to power is unexpectedly blocked, Scorch makes a choice that has consequences for the Society, and for the far-away Clans.

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