Sushi's Society
Sushi's Society
General Information
Title Sushi's Society
Author Jayie the Hufflepuff
Date Published May 11th, 2016
Date Completed June 9th, 2016
Cover Artist Jayie the Hufflepuff
Preceded By None
Succeeded By Scorch's Ambition

Sushi's Society is the first novella in the Echoes of the War arc. Sushi is the cat depicted in the center of the cover.

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Sushi has only known peace in her kithood in Twolegplace, but that peace is shattered when Scourge turns the rogues of Twolegplace into the deadly BloodClan. Sushi must become a hardened fighter to survive in BloodClan, and in order to provide for her family. But the death of Scourge only raises more questions for Sushi. Will she ever be free from the kill or be killed streets of Twolegplace? And what will happen to BloodClan with their leader gone?

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