The Broken Shadow
The Broken Shadow
General Information
Title The Broken Shadow
Author Jayie the Hufflepuff
Date Published March 26th, 2015
Date Completed June 26th, 2015
Cover Artist Jayie the Hufflepuff
Preceded By Faded Boundaries
Succeeded By Waning Moon

The Broken Shadow is the second book in the Echoes of the War arc. Blazepaw is the cat depicted in the center of the cover.

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Silentpaw's return from RiverClan means she has to fight to regain their trust, as well as continuing her warrior training. But when a dark omen threatens to tear ShadowClan apart, Silentpaw's loyalty is tested again. The question is asked of what it truly means to be a warrior, and the warrior code threatens to crumble away to nothing.

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